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Title: Join Raid?

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    Default Join Raid?

    <Raid> is a really fun, drama-free-as-much-as-possible-guild!! Here's a video if you get lost from this post:

    The leaders are:
    Mister WhatsHisface
    The Crazy
    & Kodâ
    (NOTE: There will be NO more leaders in Raid, please don't bother asking.)

    The Officers are:
    Bügatti (Myself)
    & Sir Cactus

    (NOTE: Read "Guild Rules" To find out how to become an officer.)

    Events that go on:
    TCG Tournies
    Guild parties
    Contests (With prizes!)
    Filming (Myself, and the leaders.)
    And so much more!

    Please contact one of the above listen names IGN or contact me via this thread or PM to join!

    Ranking system:
    When one first joins <Raid> they will be a recruit, after a week of being in <Raid> they will become a member.

    To become an officer you must gain a leaders TRUST Before they can think about promoting you.

    There will be no other leaders.

    R-U-L-E-S (If not followed, result in immediate termination from the guild.)
    1, Don't start drama.
    2, No begging.
    3, Don't ask to be promoted.
    4, No cursing in Guild Chat
    5, Scammers will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the guild.
    6, Help out you're guild members and DO NOT be rude.

    For more information please visit the website-

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    Default Re: Join Raid?

    So where do I sign up?

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