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    Icon4 Join Monday Mayhem (Recruiting only a few players)

    Hello Fellows,

    Yes, this guild I had permission to make.

    Welcome to the page of the guild. 'Monday Mayhem' We're very busy recruiting, although we wanted to recruit some players off Insiders because we know them better then random people on Free Realms.

    There is a fill out you have to complete before meeting a leader in-game to join Monday Mayhem.

    Since Mystic Mayhem has a nick-name of MM we have decided to nick-came it...

    You can call it whatever you want accept for MM. (:

    Fill-out form: [Fill out if you would like to join.]

    1. Are you active?
    2. Do you respect and follow the rules of SOE, Free Realms, Free Realms Insiders, and more?
    3. Are you willing to participate in guild events?
    4. in-game name?
    5. Have you joined the website? (Coming Soon..)
    6. Who recommended Monday mayhem to you?
    7. Do you accept the rules and terms?
    8. Thanks! We're looking for some great players!

    We should get back to your application soon. Please also Pm Nicole your form.

    Rules Of Monday Mayhem~ [Must Read before applying]

    Be kind, respectful, and nice to all members of the community. (not just the guild)
    Positivity NO foul language
    Be appropriate.
    Respect EVERY single member in the guild.
    Online Dating is NOT allowed. (Even if it was with a member not in the guild)
    Don't release private information.
    THIS INCLUDES: Name, Age, Address. Ect.
    No chat-speak. (Example: u, r, y, ur. ect..)
    Cooperation is expected
    Don't curse/swear/cuss.
    Be kind.
    When asking to be a leader, you will be automatically rejected. Asking to be a leader or a certain rank is unaccepted nor allowed.
    When you ask to be a certain rank you'll never be that rank.
    Once you leave the guild your not allowed back in (depends on the reason you left.)

    Thank you. I will see you all very soon.
    --Irriss [Monday Mayhem Creator]

    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: Join Monday Mayhem (Recruiting only a few players)

    Having a party tomorrow. (: Hope everyone will be there.
    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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