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    Default Join the guild: Wi-Fi!

    I'm recruiting anybody who would like to join!
    Also, I would be more than happy if the people who join have Wireless T-shirts. It's okay if you don't though. You're still more than welcome to join!

    What we do in Wi-Fi:Make mini(or full) music videos.
    Have parties at my VIP House.
    Hang out at Merry Vale on the OTHER side of the rainbow barrier.
    Have "flash mobs" at different places on Free Realms.

    Here's the form for joining:
    1) IGN: ...
    2) How long have you been on Free Realms?
    3) Do you have a Wireless Shirt?
    4) Are you a member?

    Note: The "Wi" in Wi-Fi doesn't stand for "Webkinz Insider".

    Post a comment below if you're interested in joining.

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