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Title: Join Deñied!

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    Default Join Deñied!

    Ever wanted to walk up to someone and just yell DEñIED? Well, I bring to you...from the creators of ßreathe....Deñied! We film, have parties, meetings, group combats and MUCH MORE! Leaders: Shuckles, Felisite and Corpøration! Just reply down there to join with your IGN ^_^!


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    Default Re: Join Deñied!

    Id love to join, but can't since I'm not looking for guilds anymore. I just stick with my guild, BT, for now Good luck!
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: Join Deñied!

    Hey id like to support but so you know, one of your leaders scammed me a long time ago when i was like 5 months IG. The leader is Felisite. Please take this as a minium observation! This was long ago and i garentee that this will change from her actions! (she scammed a pair of magenta capris)

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