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    Default Insiders Rock!

    Just want to send a huge shout out to the members of our guild! I have been trying to complete the Shrouded Glade Gloam Invasion quest for a while now, but kept getting stuck during the big battle. I was teaming up with random people, but we still lost. I finally sent out a cry for help and it was answered! A big thanks to the Insiders who came to my rescue!

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    Default Re: Insiders Rock!

    Wooh yeah, Insiders! At first I thought this was a post about the Insiders rock.
    IGN: James Bigpeach

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    Default Re: Insiders Rock!

    You are so welcome, Kate! ^^

    I had clearly nothing else to do at that time, so It was nothing much! Thanks for posting this tho! It makes us who helped feel very special!
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