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Title: Help

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    I am so confused if i wanna do something helpful to get ininsiders do i do it in guilds or collections cuz i am doin exploration coins

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    Default Re: Help

    A good way to be helpful is to answer questions in the "Somebody Help!" forum.

    If you're providing walkthroughs on how to get to the coins, or helping others with things otherwise, it's still considered a helpful post.

    The reason Insiders prefer helpful posts, is because helpful posts are worth something. For example, if most of your posts (leaving less than 50 otherwise) are within the "Head to the Pollz" forum, they're not considered helpful, and they don't say much at all about your helpful potential.

    Ashley Preciousfable explains helpful posts a little better on the Insiders Applications thread, within the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Preciousfable View Post
    We are looking for helpful, friendly and posts that contribute to the forum. Instead of posting exclusively in the open mic or poll section (which does not count towards helpful posts) try welcoming members or answering questions, or even discussing what pet is coolest.
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