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    Default <Hørse Riders>

    Okay, my guild <Hørse Riders> is recruiting, and I am looking for people to join. Forum link is here.


    1. You must be an active player of Free Realms.

    2. You should have a ride such as a horse or wolf, but as I'm allowing people that aren't members in Free Realms, you don't have to. A lot of events in the guild center around rides, so I'm just warning you.

    3. Follow Free Realms rules. If I have caught wind of you doing something that breaks Free Realms rules, you will be warned. If you do it again or break the rules again, you will be kicked out of the guild.

    4. There's not much else as far as requirements go. Just attend the events and have fun.

    5. To join, simply post your in game name, and tell me when you want me to send the invite (I run on central time).

    A Bit About Hørse Riders:

    Horse Riders is a guild for those who love to ride horses or their rides. We will be having events for those who love to ride around on Free Realms. It's not just for horses, but wolves and other rides. Even Pegasus and Unicorns. These events include parades, show jumping, and much more. Its quite simple to sign up. Just fill out the form on the requirement page and make a new post on this board. Then we'll make a time to get together and I can send you the invite in game.

    I am on often, usually server 1, but sometimes I can't be on because of real life getting in the way.

    The parades will include walking around Free Realms, and showing off our rides. It could be a rare one that you have, that you got on a one time occasion, or that they no longer make those colors, because as of late Free Realms changed the color system.

    Show Jumping will include jumping hurdles. There will be no prizes or anything, it's just an event to have fun with our rides and enjoy them. I've often found that jumping things is really fun, and you may enjoy it too.

    There are lot's of other advantages to Horse Riders, if you love horses, you will be walking around with a guild name that has things to do with horses and what not. You'll be in an awesome guide with a friendly leader, who only wants the members to enjoy themselves. We'll be having holiday events too. St Patrick's Day, people who have birthdays will get a gift (You just say it's your birthday, no telling us which year you were born, as that's personal information).

    Some events cost, but remember, the money will all go into building the lots that hold the events. No worries, it's always coins. And we all know how easy those are to earn.

    Pictures are another thing we love. Pressing F10 and then Print Screen (Or otherwise known as PrtSc) Gets you a picture without the UI. But I'm sure you would know that if your an active member. ^-^ Us Horse Riders are proud of horses, so I wouldn't suggest joining if your just joining because you love rides and hate horses. Otherwise, that's just about it.


    Show Jumping
    Showing Off Rides / Pets
    And Lots More

    Nothing is planned yet, because of having no members and therefor not having people to join in, but maybe there will be a event which will celebrate the opening of the guild.
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    Default Re: <Hørse Riders>

    I love horses A LOT. But i made a new guild D: I would join but.....-- My avatar has the name in it.
    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: <Hørse Riders>

    Oh, that's okay. I'm perfectly fine waiting for people.^-^ But I'm glad that you do have some interest in it, even if you are in another guild, its better than nothing.

    On another note, I love horses a lot also, they are my favorite animal, and cats come in a close second. Its the reason I created this guild, because I love them so much. So thank you for your interest anyways, I appreciate it.
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