Look I love all you fantastic guilds out there but I have waited forever to get into the guild Insiders! I hear there are a lot of really nice people in there Sometimes I wonder if Autumn Roselake is in there lol it would be pretty darn cool to actually talk to her though. My guild I have now is Lord of the Wings it has quite a lot of people and i already am an officer I have waited very long to get into Insiders cuz it like my dream place to be It kind of like heaven in a way.....no not really but you know what I mean I even saw a guild called Justin Bieber haters...ok people i know alot of people do not like him but really it kind of is dumb to have a guild called that I mean i like Justin Bieber but i never tell anyone because we all keep opinions to self. Ok sorry getting caried away in Mother in Law Program lol. I see everday like Who Stole my Nachos or Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar well something like that cuz i never seen a guild that long. Well better get going to do my home work I hope that I can get in INSIDERS!