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Title: Gloam Operatives

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    Default Gloam Operatives

    So I have this cool idea for a guild, but I'm currently in a guild I love so I'm not running to create this guild. I decided to see how people like the idea of the guild on Insiders before making an hasty decisions. So yah I'm looking for people's input, suggestions if I do make it, and if they might join or not if I DO make it.

    Name : Gloam Operatives
    So Soe has been adding many things to Free Realms lore and game play lately. I have always liked the idea of the "Gloam Agents" which are referenced to in so... two, three small instances? The idea from these references is that Gloam Agents are high ranking officers of the Gloam military/organization (whatever you wanna call the Gloam as a whole). Anyways, these officers seem to be similar to "SI:7" in World Of Warcraft. SI:7 stands for "Stormwind Intelligence 7" and is pretty much a military scouting/secret agent group that does military missions such as espionage, sabotage, scouting, military or political abductions, and ect.. The Gloam Agents seem to be almost identical to this.

    If I were to make this guild, my ideas for it would to be a largely rp but also partying and lore guild. The rp would be based off of the idea that we had broken free of the Gloam's grasp and now act in the shadows, planning precise strikes that will keep our order alive and take out any and all threats, especially the Gloam. Since the rp is based off of a large amount of lore, then I assume many guild members would enjoy lore to an extent, if not a lore detective.
    Again please provide feedback, if I get enough positive results and enough people willing to join/think the guild will become something, then I will likely make it.
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    Default Re: Gloam Operatives

    I see it being a good guild, but as i'm not a big RPer, and i'm in a guild I do not want to leave, i'd have to pass. I can see a lot joining for RP, reason because of just the entertainment. but hope you go with the best choice here!
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    Default Re: Gloam Operatives

    I would join this guild

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    Default Re: Gloam Operatives

    Not trying to burst anyone's popsicles, but The Gloam "Army" itself has almost no Military aspects in it, except that they attack in large groups. They consist of a Council, all the Overlords, (which only two has been revealed so far), and then all the Corruption of Animals and things that make up their army. If you are trying to stay true to the very vague information on the Gloam/Free Realms Lore, you can go to Memorial Caverns and find a lot of interesting facts about Free Realms. Even making a new Character can give you some information about one of the Gloam Overlords, I forgot his name, but he has a giant mask and purple tentacles. Good luck with your guild, and I hope this helps. (:
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