Well, my last guild didn't exacly go as well...so i made another:

This is a
never before seen Epic guild called <GateWay>.
Unlike other guilds, this is a caring and fun-loving guild that can accept any active members. Because, it's not at ALL fun to have a dull and boring guild with members that BARELY get on. But, we do also have some...requirments.
Anyway this guild is GREAT for your alt! I'm trying my best to get some members to the guild. And has room for 3 more officers 25 more members and thousands of more recuits!

Why Join?
This guild has certain rules, and if disobeyed, well...lets not talk about that now >=). ALSO, recuits are treated as members, members are treated as officers, and officers and treated as leaders! So you'll never feel left out on your rank!

Why common?
Well, the reason i made this guild is for it to be common. I mean, i always had dreamed of making the best and commonly guild. But that's just me.
You could help a lot by joining!

1.If member must have a job 8+, or if non-member must have a job 4+ AND MUST BE ACTIVE enable to be recuit.
2.If member must have a job 10+ if non-member 6+ and MUST BE ACTIVE to be member
3.If member must have a job 15+ if non-member must have a job 13+ and MUST BE ACTIVE. for you to be officer.
4.Must accept the rules here as the rules in my guild.
Again, this is a GREAT guild for your alt! (And even more for your main!)

So contect me online, in FRI (FreeRealmsInsider), or post a reply and BOOM! It's guild time!