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    Default <EliteBuilders> friendly building community

    ---Hello, this is ryder titanjumper. I am one of two proud leaders of <EliteBuilders>. This is a fairly new guild and is growing rapidly. Basicaly we are all builders, and if you think your a good enough builder you may join. If your a builder, you can be proud to say your a part of <EliteBuilders> community.
    ---We have a monthly event where we visit 5-8 houses and decide who deserves a reward for being #1 on the list! Whats the rewards? You will have to find out for yourself. 220 people are invited on average to this so it will be crowded possibly.
    ---I'm not sure if I can give you guys any links to my website, fb page ect. on insiders forum.
    so add me in game and we can talk about any questions you may have.
    I look forward to seeing you all in our guild, your friend : ryder titanjumper

    guild : <EliteBuilders> recruiting members.
    levels : max all

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    Default Re: <EliteBuilders> friendly building community

    I am very sure I can give you the Facebook Link as well.

    I am the host of these events each month. Very fun stuff to do! Like he said, 200+ people have been invited, and want you to join in on the fun as well!
    Add Jokey or Ryder Titanjumper for more info.

    Facebook Page Link : Elite Builders - A Free Realms Guild | Facebook
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: <EliteBuilders> friendly building community

    hey i would love to join, do you have to be max in all jobs? if so i will work on that even harder i'm around halfway there lol hope you save a spot for me

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