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    Default <Elite Cardie Crew>

    Hi, I'm just here to advertise the guild <Elite Cardie Crew>. This guild is for anybody, whether you are a master at TCG or just beginning. We have many top-quality duelists in our guild, and many are willing to help the beginning cardie. Our website is

    If you want to join, all you have to do is register on the site and fill out an application. You don't have to be a good TCG player to join, just kind and courteous.

    Our leaders are:

    John Valenzuala
    Alix Azurcloud
    Elite Kingmax
    Icy Stoneheart
    Captain Swag

    Our officers are:

    Luke Sparklebow

    Hope to see some of you on the site and in the guild! Thanks!
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    Default Re: <Elite Cardie Crew>

    Trident is my alt so contact me over here if you wish to join as well
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