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    Default -Elemental Legion-

    Hey guys! Artimis here to tell you about a new guild (well, almost new)

    This guild, <-Elemental Legion->, focuses on controlling the elements
    Because of the amount of people who can be in a guild, we felt the need to add four brand new elements to the regular list of Fire, Water, Earth and Air
    All the elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Life, Storm, Darkness, Ice, Light and Death
    (Death and Light are not available yet though, so just choose one of the first eight when joining)
    Guild Rank System:
    Anyone who we believe would make a good leader and has been in the guild long enough. Must be OFFICER first (max number of 3-5 leaders)
    Anyone who is a leader of an element, such as Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Life, Storm, and Darkness. (max number of 8-10 which includes leaders)
    Anyone who knows what their element is (no max number)
    People who are completely new to the guild and have not yet chosen an element

    About the guild:
    The guild is an RPG type guild.
    We live at the "Base" which is at Artimis Moonrider's (aka me) "Fort" house, which is a Sunstone Dam lot.
    Our RPG enemy is Drake, a death element (one of the reasons death is not yet available to join)
    Each person lives in a dorm room on base, which is located in the top two floors.
    The training room is on the first floor, library and dining hall on the second floor.
    We have parties, might make some videos, and just hang out and RP

    Please join!
    BTW: We have a website now!
    Check it out for more info on the guild!
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