I believe this guild has a right to be told about on here.. Link to the official thread is provided below (It's a FROF link, which links to FROF are allowed).

For Starters, the Guild is not a guild for actual Hackers.. There's never been an incident for people running off, screaming "HACKER! HACKER!".. Ok.. Maybe that time when I was on my way to the dance-off... Anyway..

The Leader of the guild is Blade Kenchin. He is to be an old, beta player of free realms, and seems to always forget to buy lifetime membership. The person who made this thread on FROF is known as (In game) Corey Chillhero. She is very nice to get along with, along with very entertaining.

I am in this guild to just spread the name out, since I actually like it. It's pretty empty (which I like) and it's something I might stick with for a bit. I don't have the role to do any add-in's yet, which is something I'll have to talk to corey about since I am suppose to help out, but all questions should go to her. I do not think she's signed up here on the site, but she is on FROF.

If I left out anything, Let me know.. I'll try to tell you..

Link to the Actual Page ~ http://forums.station.sony.com/freerealms/posts/list.m?topic_id=36149

That should tell you maybe a bit more than what I know, considering I just recently joined on my main.