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    Default <Don't Touch That Cactus>

    Heya guys! I'm doing some recruiting for my new guild Don't Touch That Cactus. Here are my requirements:

    -Must have AT LEAST one max level
    - Must be an active player

    That's it! If you are interested in joining, post below, and add me IG. Thanks!

    ~Toxic Jac

    I'm Back!
    IGN: Toxic Jac
    Proud member of <Insiders>

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    Default Re: <Don't Touch That Cactus>

    lol lol jac your weird.

    im in the guild already xD
    IGN: Tori Mistskater (Known As Emmmy, Blushing Cupcake, or Kylâ)
    Levi Lifesabor&Toxic Jac are real hobos!♥

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