So while showering earlier today i was nastolgic for a time in the past. A time with a better free realms, and then it was like BAM! And it all came crashing down on me. I recalled my old guild and friends and basically broke down crying on the floor of my shower. Pathetic i know, but i miss all of that.

So onto how this relates to guilds:
I am on a hunt for someone in the following guilds : Nova , Silver Roses, or Legends (with an S) anyone in one of the guilds? Anyone know the leaders and want to give me anchance in them?
9on a slightly off topic note does anyone remember : Danny legend (lil legend), Ryry Skywind (Ryry Allstar) , Lala Coralnight (lauren coralnight), immortal flare (deadly flare) , violet skycaster , tristain darkthorn , Angel Fireywave or lil aus (austin something-or-another)??
anyone know them? I would love to talk to them if you do! Thanks you for your help! ^_^