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    Default < Digital Elite > Now Recruiting! Based off of the original Nexus!

    Hello everyone, my name is FlaminBurrito and I am a former leader of Digital Elite and currently the Lead Recruiting Officer. Our leader Snowz has founded this guild nearly a year ago. Digital Elite is based off of the guidelines of the guild Nexus, in that we do not require the player to have any maxed jobs. You do however have to be competent enough about the game enough to not be completely clueless about Free Realms, and you must remain loyal to the guild. You will also be expected to act mature and serious during certain occasions such as attending a guild meeting, but for the most part you can joke around and have fun as much as you want. If you want join; Contact Aang Darkway, Snowz, or FlaminBurrito in-game. We will accept anyone as long as they can follow the rules down below.

    Rules n' Stuff

    1.) No Spamming
    2.) No Scamming
    3.) No Begging
    4.) No Whining
    5.) No Asking for Promotions
    6.) Do Not Use Guild Chat to Sell/Trade Items
    7.) Everyone Will be Expected to Respect Each Other
    8.) Most Importantly, Have Fun! :D

    Guild Events

    Once we get a larger amount of members in the guild, we will start hosting events that will be just for fun or giving various rewards. We plan to have random guild parties, kart racing tournaments, and other fun events. If you have a suggestion for an event, or current Events Planner is Aang Darkway. In order to keep the events going, we will also accept guild donations; though they are not needed. All guild donations would go directly toward the guild for buying prizes that will be given out during events.

    Guild Outfit & Mascots

    Digital Elite does have two mascots (Currently not named), which is the Snowhill Penguin and the Man-Eating Plant of Briarwood. We also have our own guild outfit, which is any combination of clothing as long as you have a Jester Hat equipped. If you do not have a Jester Hat, you can get one from random treasure chests that appear after removing a weed or rock from your farm; but we will hand one out to you for free. You will not be required to wear the Guild Outfit all the time, only during guild meetings and guild photos.

    Guild Ranks

    To us, guild ranks do not matter when it comes to certain things such as coming to Guild Meetings or suggesting. However, you have to earn your guild ranks by proving your loyalty to the guild and proving that you can be a trusted individual. As for Officers, we will only have 6 different Officers once we build a much larger player count. Only the most trustworthy and loyal Members will be voted in to be Officers by the entire guild. We will not hand out guild ranks for free, even asking if you can be promoted will damage your chance of getting promoted greatly.

    Guild Website

    We have our own guild website! We would appreciate it if you made your own profile on the guild website if you are already a member or would like to join. On the guild website you can view a list of our Members; comment on our Forums; post or view pictures in the Photo Gallery; or view the Calender to see the list of upcoming events such as guild meetings or guild parties. We even have our own Live Chat where you can talk to other members about whatever you want. There is no filter on the Live Chat, but we keep it heavily monitored and no offensive language or cursing/swearing/cussing will be permitted.

    Home - Digital Elite, Masters of the Realms

    Where to Contact Me

    If you happen to need any help with anything, you can contact me at the following websites. If you need help within the game itself, contact me along with your username so I know who I am talking to. The websites I most often visit will be at the top of the list, so try contacting me there before anything else...

    Free Realms Official Forums - Flaminburrito2
    Digital-Elite Website - FlaminBurrito
    Free Realms Insiders Forums - Flamin Burrito

    ...or you can contact me in-game. Though I would prefer it if you left me a message unless you know for certain that I am online or not AFK. My IGN is FlaminBurrito.

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    Default Re: < Digital Elite > Now Recruiting! Based off of the original Nexus!

    Or Contact me IGN Snowz. Add me ingame and if you are online when i accept i will add you to the guild

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    Default Re: < Digital Elite > Now Recruiting! Based off of the original Nexus!

    I remember talking with you about this guild, possibly was going to join.. but before I got the chance, I joined MM for the time being.. I would join next, but I promised a great friend of mine if I ever join another guild, it would be mine, or <The Notorious> (which my great friend wants me to join). I can say there is a big possibility I might join in with you guys, though, but I am big on activity in game (Meaning I wanna see a lot on at a time or at times..), and socialization, just a tad..

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