Welcome to the Determination Page.<3

"Forever Together. . ."

Fill out the forum below to join [request]

1) When are you Online? -
2) Have you even gotten banned on FR or FRI? -
3) Are you willing to obey the rules of Determine, FR, FRI, MM ..ect.?
4) Do you accept the terms and use? -
5) Are you willing to leave your old guild to join new? -
6) How old is your free realms character? -
7) Are you at least level 15 in any job? -
8 *) Do you call "newbs" or "noobs"? - [THIS IS NOT ALLOWED]
9) Are you willing to participate in guild events? -
10) Thank you, your request will be reviewed and sent a Pm asap.

Rules & Terms:

1) Do not disrespect any member of FR or any guild
2) Be kind, nice & respectful to all leaders and members of FRD [free realms deter.]
3) No foul language
4) Keep your thoughts to yourself
5) No harassment of any kind.

all free realms, FRI, MM and more will be included with our rules

Thank You!