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    Default <The Daily Prophet>

    Hey guys! I started up a new guild called "The Daily Prophet" It's a Harry Potter guild, and basically for any Harry Potter lovers. I've recruited one person (SCORE) and trying to find more. In the guild we will;

    Have Parties/events
    Help with quests/collections
    Do battles/games
    And many more!

    If you're interested in joining, just post here, and we'll come up with a time to meet up!

    Hope you consider joining The Daily Prophet!

    IGN: Thalassa found on Server 2 and 4 roaming with my puppy Luna
    CAUTION: Fangirling ahead

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    Default Re: <The Daily Prophet>

    Hmmmmm i might I'm not sure i LOVE Harry Potter but idk if i want to leave my current guild i own. Then again people are leaving mine to get into <Revolt> and stuff T_T

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