Hello Fellow Insiders <3

Today I will be introducing you to my brand new guild. I know I switch guilds, A lot. But. I feel like to stay happy you need new c: I am going to list rules, and plenty more.

A little bit about CM:
Cosmic Mayhem is new to Free Realms, It's not even approved yet. But, it will be. Cosmic Mayhem is known as family. And family? Family sticks together. We're a pack, always ready for things expected or not expected. We back each other up, when times i need. Parties, Music Videos, Movies. All those, Me, Leaders, Officers, Members and even recruits have a chance to participate in these wonderful Events c: Just like.. Mystic Mayhem or Insiders! We're not like other guilds, we're family. c: Not friends!


  • Music Videos

  • Parties

  • Guild Pictures

  • Insiders Videos

  • Much More c:

  • How to join? Post here and fill out the application and meet me IG to join CM c:
  • How old is your PLAYER?
  • How long have you been playing free realms?
  • Are you in a guild at the moment?
  • Have you been in Skater Britt's guild[s] before? If so, Which one?
  • Have you been banned from Free Realms or Insiders?
  • Do you agree to participate?
  • Do you agree to listen to leaders?
  • IG name?
  • Nick name (FR)

The rules are the same as Free Realms & Insiders! Obey the rules or do the consequences.