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    Default Chipmunks On Coffee

    Guild Name:
    <Ludus Equinus>
    Guild Website:
    Chipmunks On Coffee
    None, just that you are active and have fun.
    Guild Leaders:
    Azure Vampire (Me)
    Azure Vampire (Free Realms) DreamerHorse (FreeRealmsInsider)

    Yes, we have events. But until there is a bit more people to work with, it will be basic things, such as parties at the Guild lot and all.

    What Are You Made Up Of?:
    Just a bit of everyone. The name is a bit humorous, it was decided when I came upon a band naming website.

    Are You Active?:
    Yes, my Azure Vampire account is around one year old, so no worries about me going inactive. I buy station cash monthly, or every other month, to keep up with the newest things.

    (Sorry, last name change. I couldn't decide on the name for the guild. xD)
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