"Hello. Chatty and Robby is a guild recruiting at the moment, and we'd love you to join. If you do join, it might not be aprroval yet, but we still have fun!

You have to have this to join:

It least 50 posts on the Free Realms forums. -Not Necessary-

Must respect all the rules.

Must be a player/member of the game for 2 weeks.

Must be active, whitch means playing everyday, playing every weekend, or playing it least more than 3 days a week.

Must be on the free realms forums for it least 2 weeks. -Not Necessary-

Heres our events that we have:

Only on the weekend for me we have events. But we have to have it least 6 people to do it. For example, there could be a pet party on sunday, and a cooking party on saturday. We'd have to different times for it though. Sometimes I may not be able to attend, but you guys can still have fun. Here are the events we usally would have:

Pet Party

Cooking Party

Laulu Party


Soccer Match

Guild Party

Trading/Buying/Selling Party


For the soccer match and duels, the winner gets 1k for the soccer match, and for the duel the winner gets 100 coins. For the duels, you pick a parnter to pair up with. Once you have paired up with your partner, you all duel. You duel aganist each other 5 times. Say if I one 4 times I'd earth 400 coin s and he one once he'd win 100 coins. For the soccer match you compeat aganist each other too! My dads character is earning the coins so he can pay. If you say you win when you don't, thats breaking the rules. You will get points, whitch i'll tell you late. Just be honest. Where only doing this for a bit of fun!!

Here are the rules:

Always respect other people/guilds no matter how they treat you back.

If you get sick and tired of nastyness leave. If your with a guild mate tell them in whisper so they don't think you just rushed off and left them there. Port somewhere.

Don't fight back of hurt people. Even play fighting/hurting is bad here. It's just anoyying.

Don't be mean to any of our guild members here.

Do not delete anyone out of the guild. I have a list of writing at my home and I check it everyday. I scroll down the guild list to see if anyones missing. You will get seen. I'm nearly always on!

You can invite people to the guild, but always leave them recruit until I meat them.

Now i'll tell you about the points. I have a little court, whitch is like a school, exept trouble, when you done something wrong.

You go to court when you either get 2 points, 4 points, 6 points or 8 points.

If you get 2 points it's because you've been mean to other guilds, and that you invited people to a member or older without permission.

To get 4 points is when you hurt someone.

To get 6 points is when you delete someone out of the guild, don't be mean to any guild members here.

To get 8 points is when you leave. You cannot come back to the guild for it least 1 month.

You can loose points, by being nice and kind, but you can earn them back, by not respecting the rules.

We really need more people. Kroto and Rozzo have already left, so where in need of people!

Thanks! My IGN is Epic Hollyy so feel free to add me!"

This was written by Epic Hollyy , If you want to discuss something contact her IG = Epic Hollyy and on the freereals forum kitten.

If you want to join you could add her or me
Aang Darkway (Officer)