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    Default <The Celestial Spheres>

    The Celestial Spheres is a guild in Free Realms, Inspired by a famous Renaissance Figure, Nicholaus Copernicus, who which wrote the book, On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres.
    I chose, ".. The Celestial Spheres" because it seemed like a unique part of the title of his book. There's always some rules to follow like any other guild..

    <The Celestial Spheres> Guild Rules

    *) We Expect our Members, as well as others, To be following the Rules Setted down By SOE as well as these Rules.

    *) You are needing to be Active in the guild at all times. We only recruit officers if there the most active at the most. We expect our members to be online more then once in a months amount of time.
    **)Another Way to be active is by posting on the website. We expect members to be active, even not online in game. This helps and shows us that you can be responsible outside of the game.
    ***) Our members are expected to be on in the months worth amount of time (6-8 weeks). If you have not either posted, nor been active for that period of time, you will be removed from the guild.
    *) When in the guild, you do not get the time to come back and leave whenever (which brings us to the next rule)
    ** 3 Strikes your out! By meaning by this is you have left the guild more then 3 times, you will not be allowed to rejoin ever. This gives our members more intensity on there choices. So, if its your last strike, you need to be very wise on your choices.
    [*] We expect our members to not Encourage Profanity, or anything dealt with Bad Things. This is included with :
    - Language
    - ETC.
    **You will be warned once of any of this, the next time is an automatic demotion. If it continues to go up when your a member, you will be removed from the guild, without any hesitation.

    [*] Dating is not recommended in this guild, but is allowed. Just do not go making profanity filled bad sentences.
    This goes against Profanity, and is NOT allowed. Results are going to be measured.

    [*] Do not cause any drama.
    ** Drama is the absolute 1 thing this guild is not allowed to have. This causes hatrid toward others and towards the guild. This also goes with gossiping. Gossip leads to drama about she said this about you.

    [*] Do not cause any fighting, biting, scratching, spamming or begging. This is very annoying stuff to deal with and we do not want to deal with it.
    [*] Scamming is not allowed.
    ** Scamming becomes a bad thing to do to everyone and everything. It allows member to basically get free items, but the others to not get the item they been needing. One report of scamming for a guild member, means you have broken a rule from SOE itself and a guild rule, which may get you kicked.

    [*] Do not speak of ANY personal information.
    ** This includes :
    Real name
    Phone Number
    Email Address
    * This is not allowed and we do not want to see this in your writings on the forums.[/list]

    Always Remember the MOST IMPORTANT Rule to always follow and remember
    [*** ALWAYS HAVE FUN ***]

    Its a lot to follow...
    A couple of key things to be interested in knowing..
    1) You may not join the guild without joining the site.
    2) If you have joined the site, then you may become a guild member and you will become a Recruit Rank for a minium amount of time (And you will be promoted as Guild Member on the site for the entire time your a guild member).
    Here is the Website :

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask..
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