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    Icon12 <Cartoonified> Has reopened once Again

    Well, Since the guild has reopened, I thought the best thing to do is go ahead and post about it once again.

    <Cartoonified> is a guild made for anyone and everyone.. Noob's, Pro's, whatever you are! We accept anyone that can follow some rules, and join a website.

    Now, as in the past, our guild comes with some requirements (Especially when you have joined).
    The requirements are to be active in 2 Different ways :
    Being active online in game in the guild
    Being active on the forums by posting.

    This is basically what we look for when you have joined the guild.

    Now, here's what you will need to do if you plan on joining.

    Here's some guided instructions on what to do :
    Step 1 : You will need to register on our guild website (Which will be located at the bottom of this thread and on my signature).
    Step 2 : You will need to fill out an application.
    Step 3 : Find a Leader in - game.
    Welcome to the guild!

    Now, As always, EVERY guild should have some rules for you to follow.. This guild does.
    We have 2 types of rules : Forum Rules & Guild Rules
    Were are expecting our guild members to follow these rules when in the guild..

    Here are the rules that could tell you what we are looking for (Will only list Guild Rules):

    Guild Rules
    Please make sure you have read the Rules handed down by SOE, as well as the guild rules

    You are needing to be Active.
    ** Being active means you have a very good reputation of being online in game for a good minium amount of time each day. This also means you will attend any events, parties, and community events. We expect our members to be active and follow the requirements of being active in under 6-8 weeks. Unless you have notified an admin you will not be in game for a certain amount of time, it will be counted against you (Meaning you will be removed from the guild).

    [This goes with the post above] You are also needing to post on our website.
    ** Posting on our website will show us you can be active in and out of the game, and posting on the site is the best way to show us that. You are required to have at least 1 post in the time period of 6-8 weeks. Less you have notified an admin you will not be on the site, it will be counted against you.

    *** Please make sure before you join the guild, Ask yourself if you can fit the 2 rules/requirements above.

    Once you leave, you may not rejoin.
    ** It's became a habit on where people leave, then rejoin several times. We have decided to only allow our members to join the guild once. You may be qualified to join again, if you have a perfect good reason on why you left last time.
    Saying stuff like : I left cuz I wanted to.
    That's NOT a good reason, and will not allow you to join the guild much longer

    The Dating in the guild is NOT recommended.

    • Respect anyone and everyone
      We expect our guild members to respect one and another, ESPECIALLY Leaders. Some of us leaders and members can take your violent words as threats, which is not allowed. Please make sure you think of your words first before you type it.
    • Do not cause any drama.
      ** Drama is the absolute 1 thing this guild is not allowed to have. This causes hatrid toward others and towards the guild. This also goes with gossiping. Gossip leads to drama about she said this about you.
    • Do not cause any fighting, biting, scratching, spamming or begging. This is very annoying stuff to deal with and we do not want to deal with it.
    • Scamming is not allowed.
      ** Scamming becomes a bad thing to do to everyone and everything. It allows member to basically get free items, but the others to not get the item they been needing. One report of scamming for a guild member, means you have broken a rule from SOE itself and a guild rule, which may get you kicked.
    • Do not speak of ANY personal information.
      ** This includes :
      Real name
      Phone Number
      Email Address
      * This is not allowed and we do not want to see this in your writings on the forums.
    • No Profanity Language
      Do not be using language that is against the rules.
      This includes shortened symbols
      EXAMPLE : FTW : This means For the Win.
      Do not do this with bad words.

    Please Remember the 2 most important rules while in the guild!


    We desire to share the fun & mayhem with anyone and everyone

    A Bunch of rules... Yes. I know..

    Well, We love to have new members each and every day whenever.. I would love to increase this guild to half way maxed at least. .

    If any questions, feel free to reply..
    My Ign is Wesley Stormspirit.
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: <Cartoonified> Has reopened once Again

    Sounds cool

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