I would like to state that there are many guilds with a name similar to this, we are in no way the same guild as "Camp Half Blood" or any other guilds like it and are only associated with them because they are branch offs of this guild.

We are a fun guild that enjoys RP built around the books. If you love the series as much as our members do, then you're likely going to enjoy this guild. We only ask that members try not to create too much drama and that they use logic and information from the books to support parts of their RP. For instance, we ask that you do not claim to be the son of Artemis when Artemis is a god that does not have children.

Reaching Us : You can reach us by contacting a number of people in game, these people include but are not limited to : Zanni Bluemeadows (Guild Founder) Nico DiAngelo (Leader), Inez Rose (Leader), and of course me, Tech Geargrinder ( Lovable Officer of the Community)

After Reaching Us : There are several ways to get into everything after joining, the main ones being asking a leader/officer for a tour or going to our website that is currently under construction.

Website URL : No Title - Home