Alright people! You've probably seen my ads before, maybe. If not, everything will be explained here!

To join the guild you must have read/seen Percy Jackson. We would prefer you read the books, but that's okay if you haven't. Just watching the movie should give you some basic backround information.

We have a total of FOUR spots left in the guild (96/100 members) so spots are filling up fast.

Q: Do I need to watch both movies or read all the books?
A: Nope! Just know what Camp Half-Blood is and maybe have a basic knowledge in Greek Mythology. The rest we take care of.

Q: Okay, cool. So do you guys role play?
A: All the time!

Q: Would I be able to join the Zues, Hades, or Poseidon cabins?
A: Due to the level of responsibility members in those cabins need to have, we've limited it to 2-3 members per cabin. Spots are always opening though! Ask one of the cabin leaders if they have any spots open!

Q: How do I join?
A: Simple! Add Artimis Grace, Isis Lee, Xavier Darkthorne, or Chloe Radiantray in game.

Q: Do you have a website?
A: Yup. Here's the link:
Home If it doesn't work, try copy and paste.

Any unanswered questions can always be answered by one of the leaders or officers in game, or on our 'Help' section in the forums.

~Artimis Grace