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Title: Build-A-Guild

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    Default Build-A-Guild

    It's like Build-A-Bear but less expensive!
    The rundown: I have a guild. It has a cool name! I would like to be social within said guild. Talking to myself has gotten old. So it dawned on me - get more people!

    That's where you come in!

    What I would love: Guild members! WOAH! What a concept!
    Some details: I want a few individuals to be officers and assertively recruit with me until we fill up the guild with quality members. Anyone can join as a member, but becoming officeholder is a little harder to come by! Officers should PM me for more information/expectations. CLICK ME. See? I even made it easy for you to PM..

    More details? PM me! OR talk to me IG!

    Even more details? The guild is called <Portkey> like in Harry Potter. I am the only person in it. Literally starting with a clean slate. If officers preform satisfactorily Leader promotion is not unheard of. Let's make the new Nexus or something folks! (If you don't know Nexus then think of another popular guild of the past or present)

    No but seriously - a few officers to recruit people and I am pleased as punch.

    Thanks in advance -


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    Default Re: Build-A-Guild

    Quote Originally Posted by Loopylady11 View Post
    Talking to myself has gotten old
    me too, yet i like myself much more than other people

    Good luck, I would join but I don't go online anymore.

    This ends on a good note.

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