Tamami, Emma Soulravine, Crimsonrift, Zamami, and Me (Tammy Whitecandy) are searching for pack members for our pack- Black Crystal Werewolf Pack.
You dont necessarily have to have a Werewolf Costume, you just have to have some reference or liking to Werewolves. We are DEFINATELY not very popular right now, as only the leaders seem to get online. Me and Emma are online almost everyday, so if you would like to join please contact either-
Tammy Whitecandy
Emma Soulravine

We would be very happy for you to join. Most of our members that join quit (sadly), so we would be delited to have you... however. Any drama or "hater" behavior will not be tolerated and you will be punished xD (i.e- kicked out of the pack). *cough new rule of mine*.
We would love to have you and if you stay for some time in the pack, we will promote you. You will be started off as a member and if you are loved in the pack or stay in for a longer time, you will be promoted to officer. (if you are a close friend or become one, you may already start off as a Officer. No favouritism there *cough*....

Thanks, all the pack members.