Hi my name is Piper and here are acouple of tips on how to make alot of coins on power hour !!

1. Croaking Vail is a great game to make alot of cash on power hour. Everytime you finish the game you get a grand! My trick of making that much coins is from the beggining you keep on running til you get to the twins Han and Hannah.

You will notice that there are alot of archer behind you but thats fine. First try defeating Han and Hannah. Once your done get the rest of the archers and take the coins they leave behind. Then go to the exit door and spill the will and at the end you will see you got a grand To finish the game for me usually takes like two or more minutes a game
2. Cray Caves is also another one. Like in the other game you just keep on running til you get to Kelp night oseidon and tide weaver oceana. When you get to them attack them and once you finish the game you got about one grand and a couple of coins. To finish the game usually takes four minutes but its fun

Hope this helped you out and have a happy power hour