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Title: Animated

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    Default Animated

    Well, I am bringing an old guild back up from the Beta days (like 3 years ago) and gonna start recruiting for it once again. Animated was originally created by an Old Mystic Mayhem Member, Chi (Princess Chi - Now Known as Izumi), and I am gonna have the original back in soon to. As you all know, Every guild of mine usually comes with a site... WRONG.. This one does not this time. I am thinking of laying off the sites.. for now... But we will still recruit members regularly..

    Well, To give a more look at who our leaders & officers are, here's some PICTURES of our leaders & officers.

    Leader(s) PC :

    IGN : Ïzumi
    Forum Name : Fullmetal Alchemist

    IGN : Jokey
    Forum Name : Zimster

    Officer(s) PC :

    IGN : MasterReese Azureshield
    Forum Name : Reese Azureshield

    Officers without Pictures:
    Austin2 Azuresea
    Cookie Monsterrz

    Guild Rules are like the most simple and pretty much the commonly known ones.
    *No Drama
    *No Scamming

    Just the very common basic ones.

    On the basis of recruiting, we only like to invite friends, and those who we can trust. We do not exceed to max our guild, but would be nice if we can try to .

    The guild is opened to anyone, but we do require 1-2 Max jobs on being any high rank. You may ask any of the officers or leaders above to join if you wish or just reply below

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    Default Re: Animated

    569__seal-of-approval.jpgI approve of this message ^_^

    IGN: MasterReese Azureshield
    If u need me im building

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