Hello Friends of Insiders!
I am not recruting as well for my guild in the real game, so I decided to start on here!
My guild is called <Animated>.
Animated offers you a bunch of things (Especially if you help out).
Here's a Q&A to see if it all answers question

Q. Do we have any rules?
A- Yes, We basically have the same basic rules
-No scamming, Spamming, No drama, Etc.. All that kind of stuff

Q. Do we have a website?
A- As of right now, we do not. We are still in discussion.

Q. Why should we join <Animated>?
A- It's a very fun guild with friendly people and we would like to share the fun with you all!

Q. How do we join?
A- Just simply find a person in the guild, and they will add you in (Unless we have maxed the guild).

Q. What's the highest rank we can go up to?
A- You become an officer when you join, and Stay as an officer (Unless you broke a rule, then you will be demoted).

Q. Do we have events?
A- Oh yes, LOTS! My main, Kendal Bluegem, is in the guild <Mystic Mayhem>, so we all know how to throw some mayhem! x].

Q. Any requirements?
A- I at least require a TCG VR, But if you don't have one, That should be fine. .

Q. How many times can we join the guild?
A- You may only join up to 3 times, After them 3 times, you will NOT be allowed to rejoin <Animated>.

I hope some of this Q&A helps out...

Here are some of the Leaders you could maybe fine -
Mark Bloomgem (Me (Kendal Bluegem)) -CREATOR OF GUILD-
Cazzzandra/ Piggy Piglet
Chi/ Tai
Lilly Lifeblade/ Cherry Kate
*These are some people you could fine to add you all in guild .

Well, I hope you are interesting in joining us and spreading some fun!!

-Well... What are you waiting for? REPLY AND SIGN UP TODAY!!!