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    Godgirl98 Guest

    Default Kool games ideas!!

    Ok,I am playing the crafty critters games with my family 2morrow on Thanksgiving!!They r very kool so I was going 2 give ideas here:

    Dr.Quack's assistant
    Fence Painter
    Webkinz Tag
    Chef's Gazpacho Hot potato
    Arte's scavenger hunt
    Pin the glasses on Plumpy
    Tabby's Telephone
    W-shop item
    Those r some kool games!

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    kookeysfan Guest

    Default Re: Kool games ideas!!

    whoa those r indeed some good games

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Kool games ideas!!

    Kool,but hey I maked the little fence painting things but I didn't used them!

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    Ellen Guest

    Default Re: Kool games ideas!!

    I wanted to do that at my b-day party

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