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    Default Just a few things 'bout me (;

    Hi there (; For those of you who don't know me, I'm Princess Claire. I am weird, so if ya dun like weird people, might as well get your tushi outta here *wink* But hopefully, I have something in common with you guys, in some category xD

    Like I said, Me is Princess Claire xD I am a princess, even though I don't always act as a princess should ;-D I usually go by Claire, but any nickname you can come up with is good too (: I'm going to seperate this into sections, so...Here we are!


    I speak English as a 1st language, and Spanish as a second. I can communicate in French, but I'm still working on that, because it's hard to catch what they say when they talk so fast, Lol. I hope to learn to speak German, Japanese, or Chinese, but I'm only focusing on Spanish, English, and French for now xD
    PS: I can speak txt too xD


    I'm a Christain, always have been, and I hope to always be. I dun mean to start an argument here or anything. I help teach GA's at church, which is girls 6-11 who meet on Wednesday's to learn, and we plan events to help the community (:


    I live in America, on the East Coast. Since obviously I can't go much farther in detail, that's about it xD


    I consider myself a bright person xD I've never gotten a B on my report card in my life, and I've read on a college level since 6th grade. My highest ambition education-wise is to go to Harvard to study, then stay to become a lawyer. But I have a while until I can try to make that reality. Oh, and I love good grammar xD

    Extra Curricular Activities

    My main one is cheerleading. I LOVE cheering. I've been doing that about 5 years, and I plan to do it until college. Everyone thinks cheerleading is just bouncing around in a short skirt, but lemme tell ya, it isn't. I work 10 hours a week on cheerleading, and while cheering, I get a total of 15 minutes of break time. It's hard, it hurts, but it's worth it xD
    I also do cross-country. I haven't done that for very long, but so far it's fun. It's pretty painful after running 5 miles, but I like it xD
    I do tap, jazz, and ballet too xD That isn't too bad, it's actually pretty fun =D

    Fears and Issues

    No one's flawless, and I am a very good example of that xD

    I'm scared of heights, fires, bananas ( seriously, I dun like bananas....), serial killers, and people at airports. Yush, I'm odd. I also have really bad jealousy problems, and sometimes that results in me being very very sad -_- I also have insomnia, which means I have problems getting to sleep.

    Things I like

    :Flip flops
    :Iced Tea
    : Smoothies
    :Italian Ice
    :Kind People
    icture editing.
    : School
    : Reading

    Welllll, I hope I found some new buddies!

    "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments..." -Deuteronomy 7:9

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    Default Re: Just a few things 'bout me (;

    Kool!! My First language is italian and my second is english xD Werid eh? lol

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    Default Re: Just a few things 'bout me (;

    nice to meet ya... I'm Yoshinator or you can call me Yoshi for short and i speak English extremely well xD I am also learning Spanish it is a bit easier then English per say

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