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    Default I'm finally back.

    I've been gone over a year from here and the game Free Realms. Our old computer wasn't able to handle FreeRealms and either it seemed was our broadband ISP. Well, we just got a new more powerful computer. We also yelled and complained until our ISP FINALLY fixed our broadband connection so it no longer went down constantly. Turns out it was what I thought it was all along - we needed a new cable modem. So now with a new computer with a great processor and graphics card and a really nice looking broadband modem that doesn't go down on us every 15 minutes - have started playing FreeRealms again. Have taken up farming (of all things).

    I missed everyone, haven't seen many of you in the game the last few days, hopefully that will change.
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    Default Re: I'm finally back.

    Oh Awesome!! Although I don't know you both IG and on the forums, Glad your back . And Congratz on the new computer and modem. You need to catch up on things in FR now
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