My Buddie (Jessikaa) is the BEST buddie I ever had!! She's so kind and she's even helping me out with my new account!! If you didn't know. I got hacked a while back and Jessikaa is helping me find my way back to the top. I already have a liftime membership but my character still needs some clothing. Jessikaa promised to help me no matter what and I don't want her help to go to waste! I made this to say how great my buddie is! And she is spectacular! She's an amazing singer and a talented drawer and ,best of all, she's a GREAT, AMAZING, AWSOME, TALENTED, NICE, BEST, AND SUPER friend. Thank you for all you are doing to help me Jess!! I owe it to you. Friends like you, Jess, make the world go round. I really mean it.