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    Default Are you like GIR!?

    ithis got 53 likes on youtube
    Thumbs up if you've ever...
    gotten tape or something stuck to your finger and said "aww it likes me!"
    Gone to the bathroom, came out, and said "MY BUSINESS IS DONE!"

    Watched Invader Zim or a show you like and either said "I love this show" or "I'M GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN!"

    Gotten burnt by something and said "YAY! it burns!!!"
    Sang the doom song on a long road trip
    Said "Yes... wait a minute... no." when someone askes you a yes or no question.
    now paste this to 5 IZ related videos you guys know how i love invader zim

    like which of these have you eva done or which you're gonna do x3 im gonna do the''my business is done'' rofl..good thing nobody home..noonne wil hear me
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    peek-A-boo , jasmine c u merry christmas

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    Default Re: Are you like GIR!?

    the only things I havn't done are Yay! It burns! and sang the doom song on a long road trip because IDK what that is. Otherwise, I've done all the other stuff.



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