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    Default You are awesome !!!

    Wow , I was just overrolled from SOE NewsPost where my house is show up !
    I dont realised it in the beginning just wonder why I got so many friend request .

    And than all ask me why my house isnt open .....

    Well I still built in it and I dont now anything from the news in the luncher cause I am german and we got news mostly a day later ....

    So I built with visitors in it .....It was a great feeling !!!

    bevor Soe postet it I have just like 40 Friends in my list and now ...WOW !!!

    I have talked to more than 300 of you and I go crazy .... well I try everytime my best in reading and speaking english but alos thinking in english ... It is so unbelivibal ! All your positiv feedback makes me like I feel in heaven . Your ar all so beautifull to me , I love you all !!

    Next time ... I dont no realy a date ... I belive end of this week I open my next house and hope you all will also so impressed like in my first house ....

    And btw I have also Ideas for house number 3 .

    Now one point of intrest !!!

    Many ask me for coins , blocks etc ..... I dont spend thinks like this I must work hard for the coins so you can do also !!!

    From now on if there anyone ask me again for coins , blocks I will ignore it an dont give an answere anymore on those questions !

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    Default Re: You are awesome !!!

    Once again, congratulations on your house feature!

    Seems like a lot of fun

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: You are awesome !!!

    You are right to just ignore them, they can work hard like the rest of us.

    WOW, 40 to 577! craziness. I will be looking out for your announcement for house number two!!

    Nothing is permanent.


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    Default Re: You are awesome !!!

    Your house is fabulous and it's amazing how rude ppl can do like the rest of us do...ignore it
    "I'll get you my pretties!"

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    Default Re: You are awesome !!!

    Your house is indeed fabulous and you deserved to be a home show winner. Enjoy the spotlight

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