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    Default Is It Worth It?

    i was reading the lifetime membership photo do you think FreeRealms is going to last another year or six months cause you paying $30 dollars that just for six months if FreeRealms doesnt last for atleast another six months or is he SOE trying to get all the money out of us before FreeRealms go died?


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    Default Re: Is It Worth It?

    A company will often do something like this to "pad the books." The purpose of padding the books (if that is what's going on) is to make a company/product look better to prospective buyers. In my opinion, It is more likely that FR would be sold than be discontinued. I could care less who owns the game, so long as it continues to function more or less as is. I'm betting (with my own money) that this is a pretty safe deal.
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    Default Re: Is It Worth It?

    I dont think this is a way to get lots of money out of its player before it dies. i think that at the rate free realms is going it will last 2 years or more before sold or discontinued (I Hope if they do selll they dont give it to disney ) Plus Free realms is increasing with players super fast and i heard that some discontinued games just are left behind and people can still play on it but never updated and such.

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    Default Re: Is It Worth It?

    it just means you can have a lifetime membership for the price of a six month membership it doesnt have anything to do with free realms going dead. And besides do you know how many people buy memberships and sc cards? I've spent $170 on sc you know what i could of bought with $170? alot of stuff.

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