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    Default wolf or bat ride

    i think free realms need some new rides maybe a bat or wolf for halloween or something

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    Default Re: wolf or bat ride

    Those are actually coming out either this week or the following weeks

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    Default Re: wolf or bat ride

    ^ Yes, yes they are. Possibly in an update coming this week or next week.
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    Default Re: wolf or bat ride

    There should be a bat ride that when you make it disapear by spinning with it's wings wrapped around you and then disapearing with you just standing there in a cool stance and with bats flying away.
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    Default Re: wolf or bat ride

    I heard that there will be new rides, costumes, and party items coming out in a new update soon. I also heard from somewhere that the update would be today, but apparently they either lied or had a setback on the date it'll come out.

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