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    Default why is sunseting free realms bad move

    well sunseting free realms and 3 other games is really bad move by soe.1st all of the lifetime members will want their money back. 2nd if they think that free realms,clone wars and players from other 2 games will play again any soe games they are dumb. All of them will leave soe and their games so they will lose way more money than they would by keeping these games. 3rd free realms dont need much of maintaining they can keep the game as it is now and ppl would still play it. So this is my opinion on their move anyone agree? (sry for bad english)

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    Default Re: why is sunseting free realms bad move

    Anyone who has made any type of payment to SOE is not going to get their money back. I have heard that anytime someone had paid SOE between now and March 31st will be refunded their money.

    Free Realms does need maintaining. 90% of whatever is left of the playerbase is all children who send in hundreds of tickets each day for someone to fix their problems.
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    Default Re: why is sunseting free realms bad move

    Zach is right but here is my break down. 1. Lifetime members are not entitled to a refund, lifetime simply means as long as the game is around not a human life span. Typically MMOs last an average of 5 years, if you think FR was going to last the average life span of 77 years then you are insane and require medication. 2. What you are describing is "buyer's remorse" which will definitely affect a certain part of the player base but how much exactly has yet to be seen. As much as I hate SOE I would wager that only a small minority would stop playing their games altogether, less then 25% of the overall player base would be my estimate. 3. Unless you have personal developer experience with MMOs like myself, you can not positively say how much maintenance would be required to run a game and the truth is that the investment required to continue running FR would not be worth the revenue coming in, that is why it is shutting down.

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