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Title: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

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    Default Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    Many people at school or anywhere play games like CoD, Halo, other s******s... Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and other games like that. As for online, it usually heads towards WoW, GW2, Star Wars, and lots of others. Why do I play Free Realms?

    It all started in 2010, when I had the biggest passion, and imagination. Free Realms advertise on TV and my brother and sister (which don't play anymore) played Free Realms as well. We all grew older and lost the passion for Free Realms. Then, I don't know why, but Free Realms (and a few others) just DOESN'T let me go... I'm 15, male, and still play Free Realms. Not saying it's made for little kids, but why do we play Free Realms? I can answer this one. It's because I remember all the fun I had when I started playing in October 2011. The nostalgia was embedded in me. It just doesn't let me go. We had this HUGE day-long halloween bash in Sanctuary square. Some of you might know how fun it was when everyday Sanc square had a party. Now, it's all gone. So now why do I play? Nostalgia... And... housing. My imagination is different than my sister's and brother's. I'm productive. I like doing thngs to people. I'm the type of guy who helps mah bruddas and sistahs out . Anyway, I began housing once I told myself to make a castle challenge that would take an hour to complete, and it would make everybody happy. (Even thought that didn't happen). I don't care about membership, really. I have a ton of member gear already, a ton of boomboxes and party supplies... I just really want the Chiller Boombox. That one needs to be added to my collection. Anyway, to put it together, I play Free Realms because of the nostalgia, the housing, and that I can showoff (JK).

    Post below about why you play. -Utrex

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    This seems like it could be an interesting thread, thanks for making it. 8]

    I started back in 2010 after seeing the "first birthday" commercials. I had seen commercials when the game first came out, but I thought it looked silly. I ended up joining a year later more out of boredom to see how childish the game was and maybe to have a few laughs. When I spawned in highroad junction and saw all the huge trees and how great the graphics were, I was really surprised and realized I shouldn't have judged the game before I played it. I leveled my ninja until I hit the level cap for non members at the time, and bought membership soon after. I was ready to quit the game about a month later until an old friend of mine approached me and asked if I wanted to join a role playing guild. Out of boredom I said yes, and since then I made a lot of friends that made me want to stick around and compete to see who could get the strongest. After 16 maxed jobs and over three years later, here we are.

    Free Realms ended up being my first MMO. I play many others now, but Free Realms is the only one I've continued playing on a regular basis. I still play mostly because I put a lot of time into the game, and I do feel nostalgic when I go to certain places. All my old role playing friends quit and I lost touch with most of them, but I still stick around to see how the game will change.

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    Lol, yeah that happens a lot. I judged a game called "Spiral Knights" stupid, but it was fun, and very addicting for me.

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    -Editing for others
    -Youtube Videos
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    Narwhales. Bai.

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    I joined in...2010, just after the birthday bash. I had seen sooo many commercials, and after getting annoyed, I finally joined. I was 11 at the time, and had never been much of an online/computer person. So, this was my forst MMORPG. I was clueless, really. I though Highroad Junction was all there was of FR. So when a nice person showed me Seaside, I remember feeling completely amazed by the graphics.

    I lied. I was 10.
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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    I joined in 2010 also, but once I made an account I didn't play for about a year. Then sometime in 2011 I found the game again and made my first character. Back then, I lost interest in things quite quickly. So when I made a friend, who was a member, I quit like a few days after, I still remember her name, Jennifer Cheerymeadows.

    Then in a few months I made a lot of different characters, I made over 50+, and then I asked my dad for lifetime membership since I suddenly realized that I enjoyed the game a lot. He said no, that was until Station Cash Cards were imported into Europe. Then he agreed since he didn't like buying things from then. From that day I stayed on this account, and found I liked free realms for the following things;

    Creativity- I really liked how you could build with 9999 spaces on a lot. There is a lot of choice and can be quite enjoyable if you have enough money and is in the mood.
    Friends- I joined a guild called Moonlighterz and enjoyed every day I was in that guild. I made new friends and really enjoyed the days since in that guild, it is chatty. Also when talking to random people you end up making friends, who at first glance, would seem quite weird.
    Minigames- There is a lot to keep you busy if you're bored, and I really like that.

    Free Realms was the first mmo I've played, and since then I've 'quit' a few times, at one time for 6 months, but I always came back!

    Sorry if I wrote a lot lol.

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    I joined in 2010, right after Valentine's Day. I remember seeing the commercials, and it all looked pretty interesting, but I was pretty young and afraid to go look it up. My dad, who played Everquest at the time and still does, saw it was a SOE game. He looked up Free Realms for me, made my account, even bought me a membership (what a daddy's girl I was). And instantly...I was hooked. Since it was February and therefore the Festival of Hearts, I was amazed at the decorations, the smooth and different gameplay, and how many people attended. It was like logging on to a huge party everyday.

    So, basically, I play Free Realms for it's unique and colorful design, and it's one-of-a-kind gameplay.
    My time may have been brief here...
    ... but I don't think I'll be able to forget any of you.
    Thank you all for the laughs and the smiles.

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    I joined on August 10th, 2010 with my original Griffin Silentgulf character because my little sister said I should try it. She joined earlier in the year after seeing the TV commercial. 1 month and 2 days later, I bought my Large Wilds House (still kicking myself for replacing it with a Snowhill Lodge), and a Shrouded Glade lot. I became obsessed with buying housing items from other people and the Coin Shop. I eventually spent over 500,000 coins on building a hotel on that same Shrouded Glade lot, even after getting lots of donations from other generous people. Many people came for parties, and the most I had there was about 50 people at once. I now realize that I could improve it by turning the snap to grid off, but I've been procrastinating. Combine that with a few great friends I've met from playing the game, and it's been a memorable experience.

    So yeah, I play Free Realms for the housing and hanging out with others.

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    I joined in early 2010 because I finished Wizard101 with the level 50 cap. It took me a month or two to actually get into the game and stop going onto Wizard101. I found Free Realms really boring at the time because I was used to a game where the whole point of it was to quest and battle without having other things to do with my time. After about three months of playing Free Realms I found some friends, and it really turned the way I was thinking about the game. I was addicted. Then, I asked my uncle if I could get a membership, and after the monthly membership I got the lifetime membership.

    To be honest, I don't know what I was thinking buying Station Cash and so many memberships. It never held my attention. I left the game every time a new Wizard101 world came out, so sometimes I left every other six months. I finally got to the point where I was bored of Wizard101, and came back. All my friends were gone, and now I just go on the forums.

    I guess I just played to waste time. It seems like I pretty much trashed Free Realms, but I met some of my best friends on there.
    I can name about four or five off the top of my head. I didn't feel alone.

    So, I played Free Realms to get away from real life, and wait for new worlds on Wizard101.

    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: Why Do YOU Play FreeRealms? (Warning: Moderate-Length Biography Coming Up)

    I joined FreeRealms because I got muted on Wizard101. ;-;

    I trusted someone I shouldn't have trusted, I guess...

    When I started FreeRealms, I instantly fell in love. After I found myself in Seaside, I quickly made a business out of selling keys for rares. Maybe that's why I never got called a newb or a noob... But who knows. I always saw it as a friendly site.

    Anyway, I currently play it because the people-I feel the most comfortable in this game talking to people. c: I also love collecting stuff, and I can collect lots of stuff on FreeRealms.

    I recently turned two, if anyone saw my birthday thread. c:
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