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    Default Who's your favorite alt?

    Many people have two alts. Who's your favourite?

    Mine's Kísháo, who I'd completely forgotten about for weeks...If you can include a screenie, please do. ^^

    She's basically where all my spare TCG goes. I bothered to max her out in ninja and get her some decent armour. That's actually pretty good, as I can't really be bothered to do that on my main. (I have, though)

    So may this post end with a question - Who's your most favoured alt?

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    Default Re: Who's your favorite alt?

    mine is Doctor's kinda my original account but since I made a character slot for my cousin but she never goes on it I consider it an alt lol
    ~ I wish everyone the best as they depart from the lovely world and community of Free Realms ~

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    Default Re: Who's your favorite alt?

    This is my only account, and I don't "really" think I may make a new account because I really like this one

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    Default Re: Who's your favorite alt?

    I have three characters, not a member anymore and I don't play, only exception was today when I logged in to take a picture of my character.

    My favorite is my main that I made in 2009 but didn't start playing 'til February 2010, Whitney Snowblade.

    My Alt. is a pixie named Magik Dust and male human Jàmes

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    Default Re: Who's your favorite alt?

    Mine's Habisa and her guild is Meowcenaries. Had it since guilds came out. (:
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