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    Default White Lights!!!! *updated*

    A lot of white light at Server 1 Tanglewood Fort!!! :O

    Got reply =|

    What's up!

    This is Referee Amethyst from Free Realms.

    Those lights are from aliens that want to take over Free Realms. Dev is working on a way to get rid of them so fear not! If there is anything else we can do for you just let us know.

    See you around Free Realms.

    Unicorns and Glitter
    Referee Amethyst
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    Default Re: White Lights!!!! *updated*

    THATS SUPER LAME D: I want the "untouchable areas" open I want new contect I want new quests and stories *edited - please keep your language appropriate for everyone --ashley preciousfable D: lol -throws a pixie fit-
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