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    Default whereabouts of KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi i was wondering if any1 couls plz tellme some whereabouts to where robgoblin treasure is because i would like to find some keys thx.
    Also if you are selling some plz tell me.

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    Default Re: whereabouts of KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can find keys from Crossroads to Sanctuary. And can also find them in Lavender Coast Pass. Hope this helps! Happy key hunting!! By the way, you can also check my Collection Items Sell page for keys. (The key that is up already is in reserve.).
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    Default Re: whereabouts of KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are people selling keys in the Free Market, and it would be better to go to them instead of them going to you.

    There are threads in this forum that have already asked that other question though, and a search of the forums could have grabbed you some instant information. (For the avid key collection seeker (SPOILER)) Is a good thread about junkpiles that give only keys. The 3rd spot on that map is the best respawn rate on server 1 around that area.

    (Link to deviantArt)


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