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Title: WHAT a SCAM!

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    Default WHAT a SCAM!

    I signed up for the "alleged" free membership that was offered/given to current members. ...

    Then, when the original membership we purchased expired, we ended up being charged the 34.99! (more than the paid non-members were charged at the time we signed up).

    Total scam.

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    Default Re: WHAT a SCAM!

    did you try to contact SOE? i almost had that same problem before they extended it. I just sumbitted a ticket. not sure if they will do anything but it wouldnt hurt to try

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    Default Re: WHAT a SCAM!

    Try sending a ticket, I am not sure if they will give you your money back though.

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    Default Re: WHAT a SCAM!

    I think you may have misunderstood. The only people that got a so called "free" membership, were those that had recently purchased an extended membership that still had more value remaining than was being charged for the lifetime account.

    I had purchased a one year membership that was only a month old. Since the value of the time remaining on my membership exceeded the cost of the lifetime account, my membership was converted to a lifetime account.
    If the valuation of your membership was worth less than the cost of the lifetime account at the time you signed up for it; Your old membership would have remained in effect untill it expired, and then your account would be charged for the new membership. How much time did you have remaining on your old membership when you signed up for the lifetime account?

    There is a thread in the Sticky section of this forum by AaronEsko that explains this policy a little better. Read that thread, and if you think you qualify for the conversion, send in a ticket.
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