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Title: What Free Realms could have done better (IMO)

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    Default What Free Realms could have done better (IMO)

    1. More major updates. The only major update that I can think of was the introduction of Sunstone Valley. This included a new location and new quest lines. I've been playing on and off for four years and that's the only major one that I can think of. Other than that, the game is pretty repetitive. Sure, the make new items and stuff, but that's just more stuff that people can spend their money on. This is most likely why some people stopped playing.

    2. MORE CREATIVE JOBS. This is a major one. Even though all of the jobs are creative to some extent, most of them are combat. They don't really need so many combat jobs. Seriously. Warrior and Brawler are essentially the same thing. A new job could also be a new major update. I agree that they have some distinctions (archers have ranged attacks, brawlers have close attacks, medics can heal, etc.) but that's about it. By this time in the game, most people probably already have level 20 on all or almost all of them. The minigame related ones (kart driver, soccer player, card duelist) were okay because they were kind of creative and had some quest lines, but they could have made some new jobs.

    I might add more reasons, but these were probably the most major ones.
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    Default Re: What Free Realms could have done better (IMO)

    Both of those ideas are suggestions that I have mentioned time and time again and have brought up about a million times on the FROF. In fact I have moved most of my suggestion threads to this site because I had the intention of referencing said threads in a series of videos that I was planning on doing. Here is a list of the threads that can be found on this site, remember this is not all of the threads that I have done but this is a good majority of them.
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