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Title: What..?

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    Default What..?


    As I have been absent for awhile, including my absence on Free Realms Insider, I just noticed something a bit weird. There was no Name Change in the Station Cash shop anymore. Was this relatively new, or was this change made awhile ago?

    Maybe I'm just seeing things.. who knows.

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    Default Re: What..?

    I don't see it in any category, but you can still buy it from searching "Name Change" or "Character Name Change" in the search bar, since the "All Items" slot is gone, you have to search it in "Hot New Items".

    Do it now since I'm going to report that the Name Change disappeared, that I can still search all items in one slot, and that the scrolls & trinkets section is gone(that's where the name change was previously located), I have no idea if it's a bug or not.

    Edit: Hope you did it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Braverock
    The scrolls were moved to a new category named ''Good and Services'' and the Name changing scroll used to be there. Dunno why it disapeared.
    Search "Name Change" in the search query, it's either a bug or they removed it intentionally, either way, you should buy it now in case it disappears.
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    Default Re: What..?

    Name changes are no longer available VIA SC market or Tickets due to the fact players were constantly changing their names by tickets and making the SOE services backed up. Each player received one name change in the inbox and that was it.

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    Default Re: What..?

    so you can no longer change your name? forever?
    I did not see that coming.
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    Default Re: What..?

    You can now change your name by going to your profile (Main Menu -> Profile) and then clicking the pencil icon that is on the far right of your current name. It will then prompt you to test a name, and to even buy a name change if you do not have a name change token.

    It is not that you can't change your name anymore. They have only changed the system through which you can submit a name change.

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    Default Re: What..?

    I still have one Name Change Token in my box. And I only changed my name once. Don't know why people would change their name so much.

    Oh well.
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    Default Re: What..?

    I had customer service remove both of my name changes from my characters' mailboxes because of the annoying flashing envelope. Some time ago, they gave characters one free name change as a result of completing the game's tutorial so that it took less time for the Free Realms Team to approve the names of newer character.

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    Default Re: What..?

    It went into the in game profile of your character, where it show your name, stats and coin/SC amount.

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