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    Default werewolf vrs vampire dance off

    im so confused i keep getting this werewolf vampire dance off what is that is there a quest that goes with it or something

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    Default Re: werewolf vrs vampire dance off

    it is the event that happens every 15 minutes you could also have the message that says the pumpkin prince is terrorizing snowhill or other places

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    Default Re: werewolf vrs vampire dance off

    There's actually TWO quests that lead up to it... one each for vampires and werewolves. See Madame Zelda in Blackspore to get the quest-line started.

    The dance off happens every half hour... on the hour and half hour. The Pumpkin Prince battle also happens every half hour... at quarter of and quarter after each hour. So there's one announcement or the other happening every 15 minutes.
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