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    Default Werewolf/Vampire Dance Crew Battle Rewards

    If you use a different job, you can get different rewards in the combat battle "Werewolf Dance Party" and "Vampire Dance Party" (found in Blackspore... or is it Briarwood? It's the one at the bottom)

    Brawler - Skull Pail, Treeble Mask
    Ninja - Bat Pail, Cat Mask
    Archer - Cat Pail, Robgoblin Mask
    Medic - Ghost Pail, Skull Paper Bag Mask
    Warrior - Pumpkin Pail, Pumpkin Paper Bag Mask
    Wizard - Witch Pail, Dog Mask

    Hope that helps people! Enjoy! (Note: you have to do the quest first, you can get the quest from the News Chug at the Wugachug Warpstone)
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    Default Re: Werewolf/Vampire Dance Crew Battle Rewards

    Wow, I had no idea! Thanks! One question though, does anyone know how if you can how do you fight like actual combat the pumpkin prince? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Werewolf/Vampire Dance Crew Battle Rewards

    If, by "fighting the Pumpkin Prince," you mean participate in the world event you see announced when he appears in Stillwater Crossing, Briarwood or Snowhill, you do the following: teleport there immediately when you see the announcement (he usually gets killed quickly). The first time you do, follow the people you see coming in through the teleport. They will know where he is because he appears in the same spot over and over again. Look for purple arrows on the edge of you screen that say "ectoplasm dispenser." Click on the dispenser to receive "ectoplasmic goo." (This will probably lag a bit because of all the activity.) Then go up to the Prince and hit 1 until he dies. When he does, his treasure chest will appear and you can click that to get an item. Then you can hang out and celebrate with others.

    If you mean the quest to kill him, I think that quest line starts in Pixiewood and you need special glasses to see the npc that gets you to that part of the quest. I did it the first day, but I forget now.

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