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    Default *****VERY IMPORTANT*****

    I can't go to the Ghost Pet run due to my playing computer's internet connection failing and crashing. So it has been canceled. I am very sorry to tell you this. BUT...the 1st person to post here will host the event. (If i hear good comments from players who participated, you will earn 5,000 coins) Please, I don't want to cancel the whole thing alltogethor. Good luck and happy posting! NOTE: I will P.M. you some info about the event.
    If you are an Insider, I would love to be your friend. All you have to do is sent me a request. I am usually on server 1 so just send me a request and I would be happy to accept!!!

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    Default Re: *****VERY IMPORTANT*****

    sure i will do it! when is it! or is it over
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    plz to tell this to any mom, dad, anty, uncle, frog, hobo! cause i want to make ppl less dumb every day.

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